The foundation of our work at Flexitech Avia is Thick Film technology, incorporated with advanced and complex processes of printing, selective metallization, brazing and machining.

Thick Film technology enables the printing and production of various components for a wide variety of applications in multiple industries. Using Thick Film technology enables us to harness the decades of knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated, for the purpose of improving our clients’ products and granting them a significant competitive advantage.

How we create the perfect solution for perfect component

Multidisciplinary experience and knowledge

Our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in many areas, including material science, special kinds of printing, coatings, Thick-film and more. Combined with our ability to manage projects in an innovative and creative way, this enables us to deal with any and every technological or engineering challenge.

Custom development and manufacture

We specialize in adapting unique and complex electrical components for every system, every need and every technological demand.

Network of manufacturers and subcontractors

Over the years, we have created relationships with leading manufacturers, enabling us to offer innovative solutions for a wide range of industries (pharmaceutical, food, electronics, defense, high-tech, and more).

High efficiency and efficacy

We provide a comprehensive turnkey solution that enables you to upgrade, enhance and optimize your system’s technological capabilities.

Saves time and money

Our development and production departments, including the laboratory and clean room, are maintained under one roof, making the entire process of development and production fast and highly economical.