Flexitech’s thick film flow heaters are custom designed for multiple applications in which extra fast heating or flowing liquid is needed. The flow heaters are made out of stainless steel or ceramic. The ideal heat transfer is guaranteed by the constant flow of fluid through all inner surfaces of the heating element, and it is highly durable to extremely high temperatures.

The heaters present manufacturers excellent benefits, such as handling large heating surfaces. This is an extremely accurate and cost saving compact design, and it has excellent fast heating capabilities.

Flexitech’s flow heaters are all custom-designed to meet the precise requirements of each product and to meet the full strict product specifications. These custom-made heaters can serve various industries as through-flow heaters for industrial applications, water and beverage dispensers, swimming pools and more.

An example of our products


Parameters Stainless Steel Core Ceramic Core
1 Operating temperature, oC From -55 oC up to +350 oC From -55 oC up to +350 oC
2 Maximum effective temperature, oC Up to 550 oC Up to 550 oC
3 Operating voltage, Volt Up to 480 VAC Up to 480 VAC
4 Power density, Watt/cm2 Up to 50 Watt/cm2 Up to 50 Watt/cm2
5 Flat shaped size, mm Up to 500×500 Up to 250×250
6 Substrates thickness, mm From 0.5 up to 5 From 0.3 up to 10
7 Cylindrical shaped diameter, mm From 0.3 up to 75 From 5 up to 75
8 Cylindrical shaped length, mm Up to 500 Up to 500
9 Built-in chip RTD (PTC/NTC) Available Available
10 Resistance to aggressive environments Available Available
11 Leads (wires/terminals) Available Available
12 Polymer Potting/Sealing Available Available
13 Applying/fitting method:
By means of fasteners (screws, inserts, etc.) Available n/a
By means of welding Available n/a
By means of adhesives Available Available
By means of mechanical pressure Available n/a