From the simple to the complex, Flexitech’s special Thick Film technology enables organizations to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB) using a wide variety of materials for a vast range of applications.

Flexitech’s PCB’s offer higher precision on resistors, higher reliability, a more compact efficient package, a wider temperature range, fully encapsulated packaging and above all are economical.

The conductors are highly important for numerous applications where conductivity must be high, where line dimensions and the spaces between them are as low as three mils, and where Thermo compression bonding techniques are to be used.

Flexitech’s vast knowledge and experience enables manufacturers to get the perfect match for their needs and upgrade the needs of any existing system without making any changes.

Some examples of our products

Ceramic PCB

Ceramic Core PCB for BGA, golden coated, 50×50 mm


Metal core PCB operating temperature up to 350oC

Aluminum Core PCB

Aluminum core PCB for LEDs