Flexitech Avia offers the aerospace industry custom made solutions, all targeted to provide the best fit to its special requirements.

Flexitech’s wide range of products, all at the cutting edge of printing technology, are perfectly designed and tailor made to the last detail to provide our clients the utmost efficiency alongside actual cost reduction in the long run.

We are offering custom made solutions, featuring a perfectly fit to the aerospace’s requirements. We do not design off-the-shelf products, but we manufacture each product to specific needs and specifications.

We offer Special Development and production of elements for:

  • Crystal ovens for laser-based systems
  • Defrosting of aerodynamic surfaces, sensors, detectors and optical systems
  • Air system treatment for airline passengers
  • Heaters and temperature controls for different technological systems
  • Development of electrical components for engines, panels, cameras and more

All of our products are designed to be highly sustainable in extreme temperatures and with high power devices, providing precision and stability.