Flexitech’s Aluminum PCB’s are custom-designed to dissipate heat safely in applications where a lot of heat is generated. Our aluminum PCB’s are specially developed to reduce vibrations and increase energy usage. They are all custom made and designed to strict product requirements alongside the utmost important benefit of cost reduction.

Our product line of Aluminum base copper-clad laminate presents excellent flame retardant, superb dimensional stability and high mechanical strength.

Also, it features excellent heat sink, solder float and electromagnetic shielding.

The Aluminum PCB’s are often used for the applications as modifier and sparker on fire for motorcycle and mobile, power supply modules, power LEDs, sound boxes, acoustics shielding system and more.

An example of our products

Aluminum core PCB for LEDs


Parameters Aluminum core
1 Operating temperature, oC From -55 oC up to +150 oC
2 Number of layer 2÷4
3 Conductive material Silver, gold, carbon
4 Overglaze dielectric material Cermet/polymer
5 Min hole diameter, mm 0.3
6 PCB size, maximum, mm Up to 500×500
7 PCB Substrates thickness, mm From 0.5 up to 3
8 Min line width/spacing, mm 0.05/0.05
9 Tolerance of PTH diameter ± 0.05
10 Tolerance of NPTH diameter ± 0.03