The food industry is in continuous need for professional heating solutions. Flexitech Avia offers a line of flexible, compact and extra resilient heating solutions for best results every time. The high requirements for resistance and durability in extreme temperatures and long term heating solutions made Felxitech’s heating products a leading solution for manufacturers.

Flexitech’s line of heating products features increased energy efficiency, smooth operation, consistency, reliable food quality and lower maintenance. We offer development and manufacturing of particular heating elements for cooking and heating food, packaging, and sealing. Our heating elements ensure temperature accuracy, according to need.

We are offering custom made solutions, perfectly fit the food industry’s particular needs and requirements. All of our products are designed to be highly sustainable in extreme temperatures and with high power devices, providing accuracy and resistance.

As true believers in innovation, we are always striving to provide our clients the best products.

We are highly familiar with the food industry constant demand for efficiency and improvement and can guarantee the quality of our products and their well-known cost-efficiency values.