Medical Devices

In an industry in which precision can be a matter of life and death, Flexitech Avia offers components that can create precise, short-term heating and burning points. Flexitech Avia specializes in the creation of custom applications to fit specific size, temperature, power and considered a leading provider of such advanced solutions.

Flexitech’s solutions feature Implementation of every size and shape, according to the medical device’s needs. The cutting-edge technology enables medical equipment manufacturers a pin-point precision in their equipment, delivering the highest standard set by medical professionals.

We offer Special Development and production of elements for:

  • Sensors, detectors, and specials printing boards
  • Air system treatment for respiratory systems
  • Heaters and temperature controls for different systems

Due to the exclusive design, crafted by experience and professionalism, Flexitech’s heating solutions are compact, saving valuable space and easy to use and integrate.

All the solutions designed and manufactured by Flexitech Avia offer high resistance to extreme temperatures alongside cost reduction achieved by innovation.