Flexitech is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of custom made electric heating elements and circuits. Flexitech’s ceramic heaters are designed for high compression strength, hardness and wear resistance. The heaters are all custom made and feature high heat resistance and high thermal conductivity applications.

Our specially designed heaters are featuring precise, controlled heat for high-temperature applications up to 650°C. The high compression strength, low thermic mass, optimal flexibility, excellent size and shape capabilities offer precise and repeatable patterns and distributed wattage.

Flexitech’s heaters offer manufacturers, alongside distinctive product features, the benefits of a custom-made solution that is tailor-made to specific requirements. In the long run, we offer our clients a real cost reduction and the utmost efficiency. We offer customers ways to save time and money in their manufacturing process as well as high effectiveness and durability.

All our products and manufacturing processes are ISO 9001-2008 compliant to ensure the highest quality available.

Some examples of our products

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic core heater for thermal probes, diameter 70 mm

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic defroster for optical lens, diameter  56 mm

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic defroster for sapphire glass window, 85×95 mm

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic core heater for laser system, 3D shaped


Parameters Ceramic Core
1 Operating temperature, oC From -55 oC up to +350 oC
2 Maximum effective temperature, oC Up to 550 oC
3 Operating voltage, Volt Up to 480 VAC
4 Power density, Watt/cm2 Up to 50 Watt/cm2
5 Flat shaped size, mm Up to 250×250
6 Substrates thickness, mm From 0.3 up to 10
7 Cylindrical shaped diameter, mm From 5 up to 75
8 Cylindrical shaped length, mm Up to 500
9 Built-in chip RTD (PTC/NTC) Available
10 Resistance to aggressive environments Available
11 Leads (wires/terminals) Available
12 Polymer Potting/Sealing Available
13 Applying/fitting method:
By means of fasteners (screws, inserts, etc.) n/a
By means of welding n/a
By means of adhesives Available
By means of mechanical pressure n/a