Flexitech manufactures a wide range of thermochemically formed ceramic coatings. The coatings are designed for the prevention of wear and corrosion in a wide variety of industrial applications and can apply on every type of surface.

The custom-designed coatings offer manufacturers, who are looking for the best cost-effective solution alongside many benefits. These include hardness, low friction, corrosion protection, chemical bonding, resistance to thermal cycling, extremely fine grain structure and an extraordinary wear resistance.


Parameters Ceramic core
1 Operating temperature, oC From -55 oC up to +350 oC
2 Number of layer 2÷4
3 Conductive material Silver, gold
4 Overglaze dielectric material Cermet
5 Coating thickness, micron 5÷800
6 Min hole diameter, mm 0.3
7 Substrate size, maximum, mm Up to 100×100
8 Substrates thickness, mm From 0.3 up to 10
9 Min finished hole diameter, mm 0.2
10 Min line width/spacing, mm 0.05/0.05
11 Tolerance of PTH diameter ± 0.05
12 Tolerance of NPTH diameter ± 0.03
13 Dielectric Strength (@80micron) ˃ 1800 VAC