Flexitech‘s crystal ovens are designed to provide a top-notch technology and performance.

Our latest revolutionary patent pending development is a crystal oven with gradient temperature. The advanced crystal oven offers a gradient changing of the temperature along the crystal’s length and is designed to breaking performance barriers and enhance laser efficiency by 68%.

The unique features of the Gradient Crystal Oven are:

  • Controlled temperature gradient throughout the entire crystal (up to 8 separate zones);
  • Significant improvements to laser crystal performance and longevity;
  • Improved laser power output (up to 70%) at an equal energy cost;
  • Embedded temperature controller.


Crystal Crystal Cross-Section (mm) 3×3 – 6×6
Crystal Length (mm) 20 – 70
Crystal Housing Aluminum
Temperature Preset Temperature (°C) 20 – 200
Temperature Control Resolution (°C) 0.01
Stability of Temperature (°C) ±0.1
Initial Heat-Up (Minutes) <15
Number of Heating Zones 8
Structure Oven Structural Material PEEK Natural
Oven Dimensions (mm) 36x40x50
with built-in controller
Sealing Dust and Outgassing Free
Thermal Insulation Optional
Others Power Requirements (W) 100
Voltage (DC) 24
Sensor Type 8xPT100
Thermo Controller Thermo Controller Size (mm) Built-In
User Interface* USB / GUI / Manual
Number of Controlled Zones Up to 8
Power Requirements (W) 20
Voltage (DC) 24
Electrical Connector* USB / Screw Terminal
* Model Specific. Some features may differ.